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We are seeing an explosion of interest in human mental and cognitive health with the recognition of both the enormous and avoidable burden of suffering and the potential for maximising human wellbeing and performance. Mental health is also highly related to other key challenges including climate change and pandemics. The combination of the recognition of the huge global impact of mental health with scientific advances that promise to render the challenges more tractable has led governments, industry and research funders to prioritise investment in this area. Data science and AI underpin many of the new approaches but, to date, practical benefits have been quite modest. New opportunities are now emerging that promise to be transformative and in which the Alan Turing Institute should play a key role. This talk will outline a number of these emerging initiatives, aims to be part of a coordinated approach to harnessing the convening power of the ATI, and will be followed up by further specific talks and workshops.

Our speaker

WA Handley Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

Fellow, Merton College

Director, NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre

Turing Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute


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